Monday, October 7, 2013

14 PESFA grantees pass computer hardware competency assessment

Fourteen (14) trainees of GCBCTI - Alegria campus under the PESFA scholarship program had recently achieved the full competency on Computer Hardware Servicing (CHS) who received the Computer Hardware Servicing National Certificate II (CHS NC II) after successfully passing the CHS competency assessment on October 3-4, 2013 held at Northeastern Mindanao Colleges (NEMCO), Surigao City.

The following with photos below are the new competent computer technicians possessing Computer Hardware Servicing NC II:

  1. Angob, Ian Raffy A.
  2. Atuel, Aidel Mar P.
  3. Baba, Mary Jane C.
  4. Baba, Mike C.
  5. Balsabas, Bea F.
  7. Cacao, Sheilla N.
  8. Gambe, Eddie I.
  9. Garde, Mary Jane M.
  10. Lozada, Aivie A.
  11. Monte de Ramos, Sherrachien B.
  12. Pineda, Shaddy M.
  13. Sugano, Maryjane M.
  14. Sugano, Melanie M.


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