Sunday, May 5, 2013

Is Hernando Polvorosa willing to serve and protect Alegria upon assumption to SB?

Hernando Polvorosa, is called by his friends as “Pol”. A resident of Barangay Gamuton, Alegria, Surigao del Norte, Pol is a retired member of the Philippine Army and former Sangguniang Bayan (SB) member in the municipality of Alegria in 2007-2010 based on one of his political poster. He is vying a set to SB once again under the Nacionalista Party. Pol declares in his campaign poster that he is willing to serve for the development.
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Friends and relatives of Pol said that he will continue what he had started when he was elected as former SB member. He will focus on the peace and order, which was his committee at SB before.  By using his experience in military, he will help the municipality to ensure its peace and stability, which he thinks one of the prerequisite in attaining sustainable development.
Moreover, Pol has plan to help students from identified indigent families to continue their high school studies by providing financial assistance that would suffice the needs of youth to education like tuition fee. That financial assistance to education will be allocated from his honorarium. Relatives and friends of Pol said that he believes that the real youth development could be attainable when there is clear agenda for educating the youth.
Could Pol’s agenda for peace and youth education be significant for Alegrianons to consider him re-elect to SB once again? Could his willingness to serve and protect the municipality be attainable once he is elected in the public office as SB member? 

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