Monday, February 18, 2013

RHU-Alegria conducts mass blood donation

Reynold  G. Esma

The Caraga Regional Hospital Blood Bank team went to the Municipality of Alegria to conduct Municipal Wide Bloodletting Activity carrying the theme ‘Dugo Mo, Buhay Ko’ last February 15, 2013 at Municipal Nursery Center. Said activity aims to augment the supply of blood and cater the unexpected demands and to increase the awareness of the people in the importance of this noble act and ensure the need of Alegrianhons of its access to blood bank in case of emergency.

The program was started by a lecture given by Mr. Nanding Aliguay, Blood Bank coordinator, on the crucial role and importance of blood donation as well as benefits of doing so. It has been stated that when a person donates blood, his/her bone marrow is stimulated to produce new red cells. This will make our blood donors who voluntary donate their blood was given a free snacks. Alegria has been consistent awardees of Caraga Blood Bank for its untiring support of the program. The Municipal Health Office is doing a scheme to further promote the advocacy by conducting the said activity thrice a year.

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