Sunday, May 5, 2013

Could Jesus Bale be the “boses sa mag-uuma” to the SB in 2013?

Jesus Calamba BaleJesus Calamba Bale (also known as “Jake” by his friends and relatives) is one of the contenders to the set of Sannguniang Bayan (SB) in Alegria under the Nacionalista Party for another term. He was one of the famous SB members during the Mayor Jessie U. Aguilera administration. He declared himself to be the “BOSES SA MGA MAG-UUMA” (Voice of the farmers) as his political catchphrase. According to one of his political IEC materials, his personal achievement records presented are as follows:
  • 1998 Elected SB Member
  • 2004 Elected SB Member
  • 2006 Awardee! (Outstanding Public Official)
  • 2003-2013 Elected Chairman, Surigao Norte Seed Grower MPC
  • 2013 Elected Vice President, Caraga Seed Producer Association
What then are his specific platforms for the farmers for him to be called as the “boses sa mga mag-uuma”? Why he focuses only to farmers?  


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