Sunday, May 5, 2013

Could Roberto Ugay would be the next mayor?

Ugay, Roberto Labaso
Roberto Labaso Ugay is popularly known as “Dodong”. He is running for the public position as the mayor of the Municipality of Alegria under the Independent – Partido Padajun Surigao. Anyway, who is Dodong Ugay? In one of his political poster the following are the personal background, work experience and political accomplishments when he was the Vice Mayor:

Personal Background:
Born: August 30, 1960
Residence: Anahaw, Alegria, Surigao del Norte
Eligibility: Professional Board Exam

Work Experience
1. Provincial Jail Warden, Surigao del Norte (1995-2012)
2. Vice Mayor, Municipality of Alegria (1987-1992)
3. President, Vice Mayors’ League of Surigao del Norte (1988-1992)
4. Consultant of the Provincial Governor, Surigao del Norte (1994-1995)
5. Notary Public (1994-2002)
6. Teacher, Candelaria Institute (1983-1987)
7. Professor, Caraga Institute of Technology (2008)
8. Commandant, CAT-1, St. Peter’s High School, Tubood, Surigao del Norte
9. Janitor, Yuipco Security (1979-1980)

Non-Government Organization (NGO) Involvement
1. President, Panayansagan Irrigation Association (1992-1993)
2. Provincial President, Health and Environment Arm for Development (HEAD) (1993-2001)
3. Provincial President, Confederation of Grains Retailers Association of the Philippines (GRECON) (2001-present)
4. Treasurer, Diocesan Laymen Organization (IFI) (1992-2007)
5. Vice Chairman, Parish Council (1992-2007)
6. Convenor, Romarate-Matugas (ROMA) Alegria Chapter
Mr.  Barangay: The Author in the creation of Barangays like:
  • Barangay San Juan (1988)
  • Barangay Anahaw (1989)
  • Barangay Gamuton (1990)
Proven Capacity. Effective Leadership. Dodong Labaso Ugay, Our next mayor!

Could Dodong Ugay be the next mayor? What will be his political agenda whenever Alegrianons vote him to the office of the mayor? Could his proven capacity and effective leadership attract votes from Alegriahanons?


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