Sunday, May 5, 2013

Will Nelita Calubag’s good governance and transparency secure her set in SB?

Nelita C. CalubagNelita Cayamay Calubag, popularly called “Nelitz” by her family and friends, is vying a set in Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Alegria this 2013 elections under the Partido Padajun Surigao banner. Her dynamic efforts and hard-work with the active support of the barangaynon made her barangay become known in the municipality with the development initiatives even her barangay is the youngest created barangay. With this, her political motto “Ipadayon ang kakugi para sa kalambuan” (Continue the diligence for development) is well thought-of.
For Alegrianons to know, she is the current energetic Barangay Captain of Anahaw, Alegria, Surigao del Norte. She is first timer candidate for the SB and inspired to continue in public service but now with a wide spectrum. She demonstrates her brief working experience and accomplishment as a public servant, a wife and mother with the following information based on one of her political poster:
Working Experience and Accomplishments:
  • OFW at Kuwait  and Dubai as DH
  • Successful mother of 2 children with 3 grandchildren
  • 2 terms Barangay Kagawad (Barangay Anahaw)
  • 2 terms Barangay Captain (Barangay Anahaw)
Accomplishment Projects in 2 terms as Barangay Captain of Anahaw
  • Construction of Barangay Office with complete facilities
  • Construction of Barangay Multi-purpose Hall
  • Construction of Daycare Center with outdoor play
  • Construction of Main line canal
  • Construction of covered court
  • Construction of 2 units box culvert (Farm to Market Road)
  • Construction of Anahaw Arc
  • Construction of Box Culvert
  • Construction of MRF Building
  • Relocation Area ¼ intended for indigent/ squatter peoples
  • Implementation of Livelihood Projects (Anahaw Women’s Association – ANWA) like 1) Swine Production, 2) Carabao Production, 3) Money lending, 4) Hog dispersal among others
Given these background and accomplishments, could she do more whenever Alegrianon give her the chance to serve? How could she implement good governance and transparency in the public service? Would her hard-work and diligence as her political maxim can catch Alegrianon’s votes for her to SB?

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